Louisville, Kentucky Real Estate

Louisville Is a Larger City In Kentucky

Louisville, Ky., is a larger city with a population of 800,000 residents. This is one of the oldest cities in the United States, and residents will find numerous historic places to visit. Louisville is located near to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and The Falls of the Ohio, making it a popular region for tourists to visit. This area was the site of several major military activities throughout the Civil War, and it is also the location of the popular Kentucky Derby that takes place each May.

There Are Numerous Activities In Louisville

The residents of Louisville enjoy living here because there are a lot of festivals and activities that take place throughout the year. Some of the activities in this city include:

  • First Friday Hop – visiting independent art galleries
  • Kentucky Bourbon Festival – history of distilling bourbon
  • St. James Court Art Show – an outdoor art festival
  • Gaslight festival – parades and motorcycle rally
  • Kentucky State Fair – takes place in August
  • Forecastle Festival – art and music event
  • Kentucky Shakespeare Festival – free plays for the public
  • Abbey Road on the River – annual Beatles festival
  • Kentucky Derby Festival – fireworks and balloon race
  • Louisville Cardinals Football team – local team

Job Opportunities in Louisville

There are several major companies located in Louisville, making it easier for someone to find a job. With a strategic location in the United States that is near to the Falls of the Ohio, many businesses want to have headquarters in this city. Today, Louisville is the home of the UPS Inc., airfreight hub that is located at Louisville National Airport. This city is also a site where there are several medical research centers and health insurance companies.

Parks and Schools In Louisville

Families love living in Louisville because it has over 120 city parks and outdoor recreational areas. In addition, it has several universities, community colleges and technical schools. There are also over 200 public and parochial schools that have high ratings from current and previous students. This large city has over 3,000 homes for sale in numerous neighborhoods at an average cost of $160,000.

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